Calacatta Counter top porcelain tileNatural stone has always been around and has been a staple in the building community.  Many consumers enjoy the look of the stone, but do not like the maintenance that is associated with it.  And when you use a natural stone or a stained concrete, there will always be maintenance.

Natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, and travertine need to be sealed upon installation, and will change color over time.  In order to keep your countertop looking like the day it was installed, it has to be cleaned and resealed, preferably by a professional, every 3-5 years.  The main advantage is that no one will have the same countertops as you. Someone might have the same color stone, but no two slabs are exactly alike. With man-made products (i.e. laminate, concrete, porcelain), a certain color is produced exactly the same every time.  Some consumers appreciate this because there is no surprise once they receive the material.

Plane was created to enhance the slab marketplace.  It is the only product that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness (6mm) and is completely polished to guarantee an incredible aesthetic quality.  Not only this, but at that size you can even install the porcelain panel right on top of your existing countertop!

Porcelain Tile Countertop Applications

Countertops are the focal point of any kitchen.  A beautiful countertop can make cheap cabinets look better, and expensive cabinets look sensational.

Granite, being a very popular choice for countertops, is the hardest natural stone.  You can cut on it, but you might leave some scratches, with lighter colors being more susceptible to staining.  Porcelain surfaces are 30% stronger than granite, and for the most part stain and impact resistant.  You can use our new porcelain slabs for countertop applications just like a natural stone slab.  The slabs are only 6mm thick making it easier to transport the slab to the fabrication shop and to deliver to the job site.  You can even fabricate your counter top from our porcelain panel.


Pros:Concrete look counter top

  • No Sealing
  • Less Grout Joints
  • Easy to Clean
  • Consistent Pattern
  • Heat Resistant
  • 5′ x 10′ Slab Size
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Clean Mitered Edges
  • Available in Honed and Polished
  • No Discoloration
  • Can Be Installed Over Existing Countertop


See the fabrication process in action!