In a recent article put out by TileDealer regarding the “Search of Recovery” for the ceramic tile industry,  StonePeak’s own Noah Chitty, Director of Technical Services and Quality Assurance, was asked to comment about the ceramic tile industry’s downturn, and what the industry needs to do to get back to prominence.

Noah is one of seven experts chosen from the industry, including:



  • Kermit Baker
  • Al Bates
  • Tom Carr
  • Mitch Dancik
  • Donato Pompo
  • Steve Rausch

With the economy the way it’s been the past few years, it is no surprise to hear an entire industry could struggle, let alone one based upon renovation and luxury.  This is why we must adjust from the old stagnant ways of before, and jump right in to the latest technologies and trends.

In a world of such rampant internet shopping, we must all do our part to further distinguish ourselves from online dealers.  We must be a resource for the end user by providing the necessary education, as well as the proper training needed to properly utilize the benefits of our products.

Noah Chitty goes on regarding dealers and distributors, and how they need to make themselves a resource to the end user.

 “They need to be the place that offers the education, and has the training,” he asserts.  “If the dealer can be that resource, it heads off the thought of buying from the Internet or from someone who doesn’t really know tile.  I think tile is still something you need to touch and feel to understand the beauty and physical properties.  If you’re buying tile for a residential application, you may not need all the physical properties we build into commercial tile.  But it takes an educated distributor to explain the important differences between the two.”

This is why the industry must shift their paradigm to accommodate these growing trends.  With the world continuing with the ongoing green efforts and focusing on sustainability, the ceramic tile industry must learn to embrace this and become the leader in sustainable building.

Manufacturers must be able to produce elegant collections of tile, yet be easy on the environment.  StonePeak does this with many of their collections, but none more than the Cottage collection, with the Mountain Retreat line carrying 98% recycled material!

Thank you again to TileDealer for producing such a great article!  You can read it in its entirety here.