Upgrade your floor to Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a specific kind of ceramic tile that is much harder, durable and water-resilient than hardwood. Porcelain tiles are created by combining clay, sand, and feldspar at a very high temperature.

Hardwood floors are a preferred choice for people all over the world because of the sheer elegance and refinement that they add to the room instantly. However, higher maintenance costs due to polishing and the refinishing needs of hardwood floors make them an unfavorable option. A better choice would be porcelain tile that looks like wood because these tiles tend to be hassle-free, durable, and low on maintenance with the added attraction of making the room appear stylish.

StonePeak offers an exquisite range of high-quality porcelain wood look tile for both wall and floor applications.  Opting for wood look wall and floor tile is a very practical and sensible decision as porcelain tile that looks just like wood is available in different sizes, colors, textures, and varieties so you get plentiful options to choose from. You may get wall tile or floor tile, the choice is all yours because these can be fitted just about anywhere from indoors and outdoors, kitchen and bathroom, and common areas to bedrooms.  If you are tired of the traditional, problematic, and much demanding hardwood tiles then replacing them with high-end porcelain wood grain tile would be a great idea.

Benefits of Wood Tile

The benefits of wood look porcelain tile are various and pretty diverse.  Not only would you get uniformity of color and texture, which is not possible with hardwood, but also these tiles are much stronger, resilient, and longer-lasting than hardwood.  There won’t be issues of cracks and damages that are usually found in hardwood flooring during extreme temperature changes either.  These are actually porcelain tiles, meaning there is no fear of slipping, chipping, or scratches involved.  Since these tiles can withstand all kinds of damages and scratches, you can easily select them for a variety of commercial spaces, including offices and retail.  No matter how consistently the floor is being walked on, their color and pattern will never fade, which makes them the perfect option for both household and commercial spaces.

We suggest that you opt for wood look porcelain tile for your homes and offices if you truly want value for your money.  Porcelain wood look tile is ideal because it offers a unique combination of the warm feel of wood with the flexibility of porcelain tile.