StonePeak decided to go on Extreme Makeover: Factory Edition this month and give our showroom a lustrous new feel. Needing to update our merchandising with our latest products and displays, we figured why not go the whole nine-yards and create an entire new look.

On the walls hang stunning canvases from previous tradeshow booths, while also displaying pictures from some of our more prominent projects. The furniture was exchanged for a more relaxed setup, giving you a sense of comfort while you sit back and enjoy these added aesthetics.

If you haven’t had a chance to tour the factory yet, this should be the incentive you need to finally get out there and see it.  And if you have seen it before, well, come see the porcelain tile in a whole new light.

A big thanks to our own Marcy Mynatt for tackling this project head on and doing a great job!