Large Format Tile Bathroom

StonePeak has had the amazing opportunity to partner with some of our clients for live installations held in their very own showroom featuring Plane – The Next Generation of Panels.  We have representatives from our company come out and train their crews in handling and installing Plane, while doing a live installation for their clients demonstrating just how unique and beautiful Plane is.

Plane Live Installation

We decided to take a look back and evaluate how well these events were going.  Melanie Beerman, Best TIle’s Branch Manager from Columbia, MD, expressed that it was “amazing to see how Plane is installed!  It is great to be a part of an up and coming trend in tile, and I am excited to have a clear understanding of the process and to be able to propose and specify it for upcoming projects.”

While it is great to bring more knowledge and hands on experience to our clients, it is also extremely import to satisfy the needs of their clients as well.

“We had terrific attendance from Architects, Designers, and Tile contractors who were impressed with the technical and hands-on information that was offered,” said Syracuse Branch Architectural Representative Sharon Mironti.

Learning about Large Format Tile

In the end, we do these live installations to not just raise awareness of Plane’s massive size, but to ease any concerns about handling such a large tile.  Once the fear of handling an innovative product is erased, more people will be excited to work with it.

April Letchworth, a Sales Representative for Best Tile of North Carolina, confirmed this by stating, “The live installation of Plane that we offered our customers to be a part of was a huge success.  It allowed a wide range of our customers the opportunity to see the step by step process of installing large panels, helping eliminate any fears of installation.  We have had several specifications since the event and interest from local fabricators.”

We look forward to continuing these great events all over the country and teaming up with the new Plane University to alleviate all concerns when handling this unique material.


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