As November comes to an end and December begins, StonePeak looks back at the last quarter of our Trade Shows, which included: NeoCon East, Design Boutique New York, and lastly GreenBuild.

NeoCon East

This year for NeoCon East we were located in a prime position near the entrance, housed in Booth #1345.

The highlights of this year’s booth was one of the newest colors of the Plane Collection, the beautiful Arabescato Vena.  Also available in a bookmatch pattern, we had it displayed front and center and it definitely caught everyone’s eyes as they walked into the show.

IMG_0927The other notable attraction would have been the wood-look color of the Zebrino Collection, Chalet.  Lining the outside of our booth in a 12″x48″ size, uniquely designed to look like two 6″x48″ pieces, drew in crowds of onlookers wanting to touch the tile to see if it was real wood.

The floor was made completely from Bluette, also from the Zebrino Collection, combined was the Chelsea mosaic with the 12″x48″ tile to make a beautiful presentation showing exactly how well Zebrino’s mosaics accent their field tile.




For the Boutique Design New York Show we partnered with Hudson Tile Supply and Dente Trading, again highlighting the new Plane Arabescato Vena.  This show took the Plane collection to the next level by installing an exceptional done centerpiece, created and installed by Wild English.  The desk was fabricated from a large panel of the new Nepoleon Vena, also from the Plane collection.  The attention to detail was fantastic and was one of the most talked about pieces of the show!



Lastly, StonePeak presented at GreenBuild.  Wanting to stay as green as possible, we kept the same booth concept from NeoCon East, only replacing a few pieces that could not be salvaged.

With the event being within 500 miles of our manufacturing facility, Washington D.C. was the perfect place to discuss the benefits of porcelain tile and how they can help you achieve credits towards your next LEED project.

If you would like to know what credits our tile can attribute towards, please visit our ecoScorecare Page today!