Sell This House Extreme

It may often be overlooked that the sales staff within the showroom locations contribute in many significant ways to the growth of our brand.  StonePeak is very grateful to American Tile and to all of their sales staff for the strong commitment they have made to our company overall.

However, we would like to particularly recognize Cyndi Parr at the American Tile San Antonio location for everything that she has done to sell and promote Stonepeak. It is because of her that Stonepeak was afforded a great opportunity to be featured on the “Sell This House” show, which airs on the A&E network.

Last year, Cyndi called Marcy Mynatt (Marketing and Sales Development for Stonepeak) and asked her to be a part of this TV series. It was Cyndi that suggested our products to the contractor and to the show’s producer as well.  Their designer chose to use TheStandard collection!

As a company, StonePeak was thrilled to have this PR opportunity! Our products were featured in the San Antonio episode of “Sell This House” last year and StonePeak will be featured again this year on some new shows filming now. Please watch your local listing for “Sell This House” and look for Stonepeak in these remodel projects!  We’ll keep you updated on their air times.

Due to the length of the show, we’ve cut it down to highlight the key events, and of course the wonderfully done flooring installation of Beige, from TheStandard.  Enjoy!