Do you know how StonePeak’s ecoScorecard works?  You can search our products by their environmental features and by their technical details as well.  Start a search and see for yourself! 

In a world in which our environment matters more and more, StonePeak has updated its ecoScorecard tool for helping you in the research of our products.  Whether you are a designer or an architect with green building projects, you will want to get all the environmental information you need for the StonePeak products you are going to use in your projects.  Thanks to the ecoScorecard search engine, you’ll quickly and easily find all of the information you are looking for.  You’ll be able to browse within our collections for a particular product, by environmental feature, or by a third party evaluation. EcoScoreCard allows you to evaluate against the major environmental rating systems (such as the LEEDTM  program) and it provides you our product documentation. Download the PDF in our Product’s details page and you’ll get the most up to date information about the environmental characteristics and certifications of the chosen product.

Start a search on our ecoScoreCard profile today.