SP-LOGO-LARGEWhat a fantastic year 2012 has been for StonePeak and all of our clients.  We’ve achieved so much this past year, reaching new mile stones, unveiling new products and technology, and significantly expanding our marketing prowess.  So if you had your eyes closed for a brief moment last year, let’s get you back up to speed on exactly how successful 2012 was!

The main emphasis for 2012 was our four new collections that were launched during Coverings.  Out of the four, three paled in comparison to the massive unveiling of Plane, the 10′ x 5′ porcelain panel.  Exclusive to our group, we finally closed the last remaining gap between porcelain tile and quarried tile.

Of the other three collections, Crate seemed to be the most popular to date being an aged porcelain wood tile.  Not far behind is our fossilized stone-look tile, Fossil, and the earth-toned hues ofLand, which completed our new Pangaea collaboration of three popular collections (See all the colors here!).  We can’t wait to unveil even more at Coverings this year; and if you can’t wait that long, check out our recent addition of Pascha Wood, the 8 foot wood-look plank.

Naturally, wanting to show off these beautiful new collections, we attended the highest number of trade shows to date, both as our own entity and via partnerships with our wonderful distributors.  By doing this, we were able to try out new and exciting merchandising tools, which will lead to a more refined look for 2013.  Be prepared for a few curve balls that will be sure to excite!

One of the larger milestones we reached was reducing our carbon footprint and becoming even greener through innovation.  This of course was no easy task. 

Along with having Plane, we are proud to be the first American company to manufacture a 24″x48″ size tile.  Our technical team developed a new porcelain mix formula to allow for a thinner and lighter stature for all of our U.S. production.  We can currently create a tile that is over 1mm thinner, meaning we now use fewer virgin raw materials than before.

We all know that being “greener” is great; however, it also allows everyone throughout the selling process to save a little “green” as well.  With this new thinner tile, we can reduce our energy use by 15% in the manufacturing process.  And because the tiles are now lighter, the shipping costs will be reduced significantly!  We are estimating a 3.75lb/sf average.  With every other aspect of our tiles remaining the same, please feel free to enjoy these benefits with no additional thoughts needed.

Our last main highlight for 2012 was our expansion into the digital world.  The way the industry is trending, we want to be at the forefront of technology, allowing the browsing of new styles and collections in the luxury of your home and/or workplace.  Whether it be for LEED specification with our EcoScorecard page, looking for that new exotic look for your kitchen in Houzz, or reading about new industry trends on our blog, we have you covered.  We love reviews, questions, and comments as direct feedback is how we know what is going on in the minds of the most important client we have, you!

We look forward to more big things ahead for 2013!