StonePeak is now part of the newest online sensation, Pinterest!  Check us out, follow our page, repin our pictures, and of course feel free to comment and engage us in this new environment!

Pinterest StonePeak

Pinterest is the latest in the social media craze; however, they bring a uniqueness to the genera as it focuses entirely on images.  Instead of posting links, articles, and status updates, you post pictures in selected categories, which are then grouped within “Pinboards” containing pictures of similar interest designed to expand your variety.

Pinterest truly represents the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words” as it’s an outlet to achieve your visual stimuli, but not become overwhelmed with words and information, like you might get reading a blog or website.

If you haven’t experimented with Pinterest yet, feel free to check out our page and browse around.  Or, go ahead and pin your own!