Every year StonePeak invests in new technology to ensure we are staying ahead of the curve.  Currently focusing on implementing as much green technology as possible, StonePeak has been able to not only help the environment, but increase our own sustainability practices as well.  Because we recycle nearly 100% of raw materials and water waste back into the production cycle, in 2010 alone our recycling efforts allowed us to reuse, and therefore conserve, approximately 4 million gallons of water and 27,500 tons of raw materials!

One of the new technologies is our crushing machine.  Not only does this give us our post consumer recycling by breaking down old glass products, but it allows us to reuse our entire fired tile scrap and recycle them into new porcelain tile (Process pictured above).  This not only allows us to save on harvesting new raw materials; however, it also cuts back on the emissions of transporting them as well.

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