Plane University


One of the most common traits of mankind is to fear what is new.  If you’ve been doing something for so long, why do anything different?

This has been a belief towards Plane, as being the first available tile in its size; people don’t know how to handle it.  Our new innovative 5′ x 10′ tile is unique from its large format competition, with substantial advantages such as a reduced thickness, light weight, and no fiber glass back netting.

While StonePeak has continued to provide education and knowledge about Plane, sometimes it takes some hands on experience to finally feel comfortable with the next new thing.

Introducing Plane University.

Located on the same grounds as the StonePeak Manufacturing facility in Tennessee, we’ve created a one-stop learning environment to teach you everything from handling to fabricating, and installation to maintenance.  Partnered with the increasing amount of projects arising in the United States, don’t be left behind in the Tile Revolution.  Fear no more!