Large Format TileThis past month we had the opportunity to partner with some of our clients for an installation event in their showrooms regarding Plane – The Next Generation of Panels.  From our international headquarters in Italy, our resident  expert Saverio Contaldo lead the demonstration as we created vignettes of beautiful bathrooms utilizing our Calacatta Vena durable continuous surfaces.

We would like to give a special thanks to the three clients who participated with us; however, we will have more installations coming in the near future!


Henry Tile

For the demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama, a special thanks to Fred Henry, Marla Outlaw, and the rest of their team for doing such a wonderful job in organizing this event.

View their installation slide show here


Specialty Tile Products

For Specialty Tile Products we’d like to thank their President, Doug Rain, and their Marketing Director, Anne Demers for their time and efforts spent setting up the event.

View their installation slide show here


Best Tile

A special thank you to Melanie Scott for organizing the entire event, and to Ben Mednick, Allyson Strickler, and Steve Marcus for their constant support.

View their installation slide show here

This proved to be a tremendous success and we look forward to keeping you updated as there are more to come!