New Mosaics






Design 1


New Mosaics Design 1 tastefully mixes contrasting colors and different sizes to obtain a unique ensemble, lending originality to any application. Design 1 is available with four StonePeak Ceramics collections including Land, Limestone, Parkland, and Sky. It is available on 4″X12″ mesh-mounted sheets.



Design 2

New Mosaics Design 2 has a unique, elegant pattern and is available with StonePeak‚Äôs Limestone collection, providing subtle, organic beauty. Design 2 is available on 12″X12″ mesh-mounted sheets.




Design 3

New Mosaics Design 3 has a subtle, contemporary feel that brings a refined touch to wall and floor applications. Design 3 is available with four StonePeak Ceramics’ collections including Land, Parkland, Sky, and Classic. It is available on 12″x12″ mesh-mounted sheets.




Design 4

New Mosaics Design 4 comes in multi-format pieces that are skillfully cut and matched to give a rustic yet elegant feel to design projects. The Design 4 mosaic pattern is mesh-mounted and is available with five StonePeak Ceramics collections including Land, Limestone, Parkland, Quartzite, and Sky.




Design 5

StonePeak’s New Mosaic Design 5 is a 1″X2″ brick pattern, mesh-mounted on 12″X12″ sheets. Design 5 is available with six StonePeak collections including Cesare Magnus, Parkland, Rome, Land, Sky, and The Standard.




Mosaics 2×2 Inch