Omaha Show House


If you are an interior designer, product manufacturer, or sales representative for anything from furniture to flooring, you are most likely aware of the designer show house concept.  Annually, most big cities nationwide select and decorate a show house with the help of local professionals who volunteer their time.  It is a special opportunity for anyone to be a part of because of the exposure it affords, not to mention it is typically used to raise money for local and/or national non-profits.

Recently, Sunderland Brothers helped a local designer in Omaha, NE, Lester Katz of LK Designs (formerly of Nashville, TN); create the stunning show house in their city. It turned out beautiful! Lester chose to use the Quartzite Iron as a backsplash in the kitchen and he used the Materia 3D 6×24 lappato on the fireplace. Thank you Lester for being such an avid StonePeak supporter and for using our products so faithfully over the years. Thank you also to Sunderland Brothers for your continued partnership.

If anyone would like to use StonePeak in a show house, please call the Chicago office, or e-mail Marcy at  We would love to work with you!