It truly is an amazing site to witness such a colossal booth take form right in front of your eyes.  Everyone knows about the actual show, but the first few setup days of a trade show is something that many people don’t get to see, let alone understand the stress, fatigue, and utter joy of completion.  With the show due to kick off tomorrow, I figured I would take a much needed break from helping with the installation to explain, and show, exactly what is going on.

Our first predicament took place bright and early on Monday when we had to change locations due to a logistical problem.  Because of this we are no longer located at booth #2680, but instead #2490.  This worked out great as it is still located in a heavily trafficked area; and watching the booth come to fruition I can’t imagine a better location.

The floor gives off a great natural vibe as we are displaying our Bronze Allure tile from the Casare Magnus Collection.    Our main wall is fitted with individual shelves holding 27 samples of our tile, along with all the information you could ever want.  It came together great, but selecting the juxtaposition of each tile proved to be quite difficult, with constant changing and reordering to not just make the most sense, but still appear aesthetically pleasing.  The brilliant white lighting illuminates the booth to perfection as it plays off NeoCon’s plush white carpets.  The white also gives the ideal setting to make the porcelain ceramic tiles truly stand out, differentiating them from the ordinary.  The collections on display are:

–          Cottage

–          Quartzite

–          Sky

–          Cesare Magnus

–          Materia 3D

–          Raja


The hard work put into the booth really shows as we await tomorrow’s opening.  A big thanks to Andrea Mo and Alice Weidner for heading up the project and ensuring the booth turned out fabulous!

If you are able to check out NeoCon East, let us know what you think about our booth.  If you can’t go, feel free to check out our pictures!

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