NeoCon 2014

We had an amazing show at this year’s NeoCon displaying a few of our brand new collections.  Once again due to Plane’s uniquely massive size, we had a good time convincing the skeptics that all of our large panels were indeed porcelain, and got their authentic looks from our inkjet technology.  



Showing off seven colors of Plane and Cement from City 2.0, the attendees got a good idea of the wide spectrum of what we have available.  Having the Calacatta Vena fabricated into our main table helped demonstrate just how versatile Plane can be.  See more ways here!

One of the most rewarding aspects of the show was on the last day when teachers would bring waves of students by to not just learn, but experience our tile first hand.  Having the opportunity to explain some of the technology used to create our porcelain tile to the architects and designers of the future was not only an educational experience for them, but hopefully will help open their minds to all of the wonderful benefits of using porcelain tile.

While NeoCon wound up being a success, we are excited to carry the momentum into NeoCon East, which is quickly approaching!