Rochester Best Tile

StonePeak has the amazing opportunity to partner with some of our clients for live installations held in their very own showroom featuring Plane – The Next Generation of Panels.  We will have representatives from our company come out and train their crews in handling and installing Plane, while doing a live installation for their clients demonstrating just how unique and beautiful Plane is.

While previously only installing our Calacatta Vena during the live Plane installations, Best Tile decided to change it up by using the Travertino Vena.  As you can see, no matter which color you chose, the seamless panels continue to change the way you see a simple shower renovation.

Our most recent trip took us to western New York, where we partnered with Best Tile Buffalo and Rochester to install two showers.  We would like to thank everyone who was involved in putting these events together, with a special thank you to Frank Wittmeyer and Mark Malatin of Best Tile – Buffalo, and Ralph Propes and Sharon Mironti of Best Tile – Rochester.  We couldn’t have done it without the massive support for you and your teams.  Thank you!


Click for step-by-step images for each installation!

Rochester Best Tile

Best Tile – Rochester

Best Tile - Buffalo

Best Tile – Buffalo