Green Step System

StonePeak is proud to continuously make efforts to preserve nature.  Our state of the art manufacturing facility practices green measures during production, which can be measured throughout our “green” products.

The goal of our research is to use less energy and water, while producing less waste.  This year we introduced a new formula utilizing raw virgin materials which allows us to produce an “all around” USA made greener product.

Introducing the StonePeak Green Step System.  On a scale of Green (1 foot) Greener (2 feet) and Greenest (3 feet) you are now able to see exactly how “green” some of our tile is.


The collections receive points by containing the following attributes:


  • 6% post-consumer recycled glass
  • Total recycled content equal to or greater than 40%
  • Raw materials within 500 mile radius of the factory
  • Greengaurd certification
  • Thickness less than 9mm
  • Ink Jet printing
  • Active technology
  • Non-rectified / Line-cut

The Green Step System is a quick and easy way to find out exactly how green your project can be.  By following the simple 1-2-3 feet program, you can feel better about tomorrow by building today.

Follow our path as we lead the industry.