EcoScorecardLast month we told you about EcoScorecard and how great of an asset it can be if you are interested in any of the major environmental rating systems, such as LEED, Green Guidelines for Healthcare, Labs21, and Collaborative for High Performance Schools.

However the question remains, why use EcoScorecard?

First of all, it is free to use.  It can’t really get much better than that.  Secondly, it is easy and extremely user friendly.  We strongly suggest trying it out for yourself.

EcoScorecard can help you calculate the environmental information of the product, such as tile, with the rest of your chosen material, such as more tile, and show you how it can directly contribute to credits in a particular standard.

It is a wonderful tool for getting started or completing a project, and is a great use as an extension of the sales process as it is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This allows the end user to see product specs and create any documentation anytime, as needed.

After completion of your project, a PDF is downloadable to save, print, and keep for later.  This product documentation platform is a clear and concise way to communicate how StonePeak’s products can help our clients with their green building needs.  A true way to get all the info, without any of the fluff.

Here is how it works

On the title screen, you  can create your own account to save projects, and have to ability to alter and update them as needed.  However, creating an account is not necessary to create a project.


When you are creating a project, you can customize your search to find exactly what you are looking for.  This includes type of material, certification, product line, size, and so on.EcoScorecard Product Search

After you refine your search, you can now select which tiles you plan to use.

ecoscorecard product selection

Review your selections, and enter in the square footage of your project, as well as the location.  At this time you can also select which rating system you would like to get evaluated.

Ecoscorecard selected products

Ecoscorecard certificate selection


After completeing your EcoScorecard, your project summary will appear.  See exactly what you qualify for, while having the ability to save your documentation into a PDF.

EcoScorecard project location

Ecoscorecard product evaluation


Filling out your own EcoScorecard is as easy as that.  Click here to get started now!