StonePeak’s Large Porcelain Panel technology is somewhat new to the market and we have developed  an extensive training that gives you the opportunity to learn more about tools for cutting, how to handle, fabricate, and install large porcelain panels at our US manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

Once the training class is completed, a certificate will be presented to the company/installer and will be entered into our data base as certified for installing our large porcelain panels.  As of today over 400 contractors have been certified!

So the obvious question arises:  Why use a StonePeak FACT certified contractor when using Plane?


We highly recommend that your read our Quality Assurance Certificate and have your large porcelain panel system be installed by one of the certified installers listed on our website.  These installers have been certified by our Factory Advanced Certified Training and are knowledgeable of the most up-to-date methods of handling Plane.

The installation companies listed are independently owned and managed and are not financially connected to StonePeak Ceramics., Inc.  Certified installers are aware of the meticulous nature of the installation of our panel systems.  If you choose to use a non-certified installer, please be aware that there are proven techniques and procedures required to complete the installation correctly.