StonePeak CEO

We hope that the beginning of 2013 is proving to be prosperous for us all.

As you know, StonePeak is continuously improving the technology in our production plant in Tennessee, including a far more efficient,”greener” manufacturing processes.  The goal of our research is to use less energy and water, and produce less waste.

We are proud to announce that our team was able to create a new formula utilizing virgin raw materials which allows us to produce an all-around USA made greener product, containing higher pre and post-consumer recycled content values.

StonePeak’s new product generation will feature:
  • Reduced thickness to approx. 8mm (1/3 inch)*
  • Recycled paper for all packaging
  • Reduced average weight per box
  • Post-consumer recycled content of 6%

We are very proud to lead the US tile manufacturing industry with performance and greener material.  We are proud to truly produce a US made product!

*All collections except New Basics, which will resume being produced in the 9mm thickness.