Rodolfo PanisiStonePeak, full force Greener!

Since we opened our factory in TN, implementing our 50 years of Italian experience in making tiles, we always did our best to bring our U.S. clients the latest in terms of design and technology. Our company is setting the pace in the U.S. market as far as innovation and design.

Last month I told you about the instruction of the first U.S. made 24″x48″ size production. We are proud to be the first American company achieving this important milestone.

Today, I’d like to reiterate one of our major focuses. Since the first day of our U.S. operations, we paid major attention to the environment and the investment in “Green Research” to pass down important savings to our clients.

I am happy to say that our technical team, through the research and development of our big size porcelain panels, made in 5×10 feet (PLANE) which has been able to develop a new porcelain mix formulation to allow a thinner and lighter stature for all our U.S. production. Fewer virgin raw materials than our previous tiles are needed.

Our new tiles will bring:

  • Reduce energy use by 15% in the manufacturing process
  • Over 1mm thinner, even in the larger format such us 24″x48″
  • Lighter weight, reducing shipping costs and making installation processes easier; we are estimating a 3.75lb/sf average
  • Still containing high levels of pre and post consumer recycle material (please check our latest certifications)
  • Still free of harmful VOC’s


Same great style, all around greener choice!