Rodolfo PanisiOur company motto has always been green = savings.  As a company, we strongly believe that the path of using more recycled materials in our manufacturing process, as well as making the full process more sustainable, finding creative ways to reduce the use of valuable raw materials, water, and energy, will eventually generate less of an impact in our community and generate savings for all our clients.

We are glad to announce that 6% POST Consumer content was awarded to our tiles produced in Tennessee during our scheduled mid year 3rd party review by Bureau VERITAS, verifying our entire manufacturing process and recycle contents.

These are great results obtained by our Tennessee based technical team and we are proud to say that we are the only manufacturer in the USA producing porcelain tiles using high recycle contents which are both Post and Pre Consumer.  To do so, higher engineering and modern manufacturing machines are needed.

The Post Consumer content is very difficult to obtain in an industrial manufacturing process. It is achieved by using Post Consumer recycle glass, locally sourced, and important contracts and agreements that are now in place to be able to constantly supply the production chain.

Steps to improve the sustainable development of our manufacturing process are constantly made in all of our main departments from pressing, firing, sorting, and packaging, and we are glad to preview that some of the latest products introduced by StonePeak result in an average of 10% energy saving.  Savings are obtained by reducing raw material, energy, and water needs.  In turn, savings have been giving back to the community through a lower selling price.

Green = Savings