StonePeak is raising the bar.

StonePeak has created a division to handle ventilated façade systems especially developed for our Plane collection, modular 5×10 foot large porcelain panels.  Porcelain ventilated systems, widely used throughout Europe for the last 20 years, are now getting major attention and popularity in the US market.

Here is how our experts describe the system:


“The ventilated facade system is an exterior wall cladding for buildings combining durability, aesthetic appeal, and thermal performance.  Using the construction techniques, the surface of the open porcelain façade remains separate from the building structure.  The resulting cavity is partially filled with a layer of thermal insulation leaving the rest of the cavity empty to allow ventilation.  The continuous flow of air provides significant benefits in terms of breathability and reducing thermal bridging – this makes the building more energy efficient”.


Our new 5×10 foot porcelain panel technology, associated with the known exterior building techniques, could be the answer to the increasing demand of designers and owners of making buildings more efficient.  Under LEED v4, new buildings will have to do much better to achieve Gold and Platinum certification levels, and StonePeak engineering systems can help accomplish this.


This is StonePeak, expect more!