Rodolfo Panisi


I hope you enjoyed StonePeak at the Vegas Coverings Show! 


First of all I would like to thank all of the StonePeak employees that helped create the new incredible collections and lifestyle ideas.  The StonePeak team, from creative research, production, and marketing did an amazing job with all of the new products and collections in time to have them ready for you.


Let me tell you a little about our new introductions.


City 2.0 is a modern interpretation of decorative precast.  Urban developments are the life of the products mixed with Graffiti and Murals inspired by love, environmental, and peace themes. 


Palazzo was born in the Glorious Italian Palace of the Renaissance time. This collection is one of a kind and it is a must see.


Area 3D is unglazed, full body, and through vein, with each piece being unique.  All pieces come in both polished and honed.  StonePeak is still the only factory in the USA capable of unglazed technology on a large format tile.  Area 3D is a must for heavy traffic commercial applications. 


Adamas is a diamond shaped wall tile.  A joy of colors.  Created to enhance and decorate wall areas, Adamas is a match to all StonePeak collections. 


It is StonePeak.  Enjoy!