StonePeak bets on large porcelain panels: PLANE TECHNOLOGY.

It has been two years now that StonePeak is working daily in introducing to the end users, architects, designers, and distributors a new concept of surface; a new way to decorate living spaces and the future of the tile industry: Plane.  The results are amazing and the momentum continues to grow.

Plane is a new concept of doing ceramics.  Ceramic terminology is usually associated to durability and longevity, but limited in its size selection.

Plane is the combination of the beauty of the ceramic technical advantages with the dimensional beauty of a stone slab.  Made in a 5×10 foot size, Plane combines a light weight feature for easy transportation and installation, as well as an impervious surface.  Do not fear UV, freeze, or chemical exposure.

Plane is ideal for floor, wall, interior and exterior continuous surfaces.  It is a new concept of tiling.  Less grout lines, less maintenance, a more natural look, and a reduction of VOC’s; all combining for a better and healthier living space.

Plane is a ceramic made as a panel.

Our large porcelain panels are installed as a big tile, cuts as glass, and performs better than a slab of quarried granite.

Plane is now made in 22 colors and are available in two surfaces: honed and polished.

The concept behind Plane is like any other new idea:

1)      It can’t be done

2)      It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing

3)      I knew this was a good idea all along!

It is up to you, do you want to be one of the leaders or one of the followers!