Rodolfo Panisi

2015, here we are!


What a start!  StonePeak is under major upgrades of its production equipment and facility, so you can be sure we will be delivering more incredible new products very soon.


Innovation and quality are solid columns of our corporation, and as much as you are giving us, we want to give back to fully respect our commitment to you; our clients.


Today, 10 years after its opening, the StonePeak plant is still one of the state-of the-art tile manufacturing facilities in the United States.  StonePeak is the only US manufacturer capable of producing full-body, unglazed porcelain in both matte and polished up to 24×24 inches in size.  The most representative collection of this technology is our Area 3D collection. It is the combination of contemporary design with a timeless look.  ‎Products specifically studied and engineered for heavy commercial floors where wearing and abrasion are a major concern. 


This technology is well known in our Group since the 1970’s and ‎is the ideal solution for airports, car showrooms, hotels, offices lobbies, and any floor surface with direct access to the outside environment. 


StonePeak is proud to actively help the A&D community in selecting the right product for their specific use.  We offer continuous education courses and our reps are qualified to consult based on experience. 


Stay tuned for a great 2015 to all of you!