Rodolfo2014_webLEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is in motion for the home.


StonePeak’s green approach to porcelain manufacturing has always been a priority for our Company.  During our 10 years of activity we have achieved many important milestones, giving our clientele a safe and environmentally friendly product to be used on floors, walls, interiors, exteriors, and now countertops.


StonePeak’s products commit to less raw material use, as well as less energy consumption during the production process.  StonePeak’s products are also becoming larger, offering up to 60×120 inch porcelain panels (Plane collection) increasing the hygiene and safety of the environment.


News has it that LEED is increasing its motion to residential homes.  This is music to our ears and it makes us proud of the product that we are offering in the market.  Fresh air strategies, low-emitting finishes, anti-microbial products, and policies against indoor pollutants are all initiatives that bring the application of porcelain surfaces as one of the preferred finishes for residential use.


Rapidly growing is the “green homes” market as it is expanding all over the USA.  California and Texas are leading the way as far as the number of certified units.  Reports also show that properties certified to meet green standards tend to have higher values or rents than properties without such certification.  


Thank you for using StonePeak products and choosing a better and healthier home environment!