Rodolfo PanisiHappy Birthday, StonePeak!

In 2004, StonePeak first started its production.  Our promise was Italian style made in the USA.

It has been a great ride since then, and thanks to the support and partnership of all of our clients and the StonePeak family we continue to reach higher and higher goals, while still keeping our promise.

Today, 10 years into our path we are renewing our promises while adding new key priorities:

  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Quality 

Innovative and cutting edge flooring solutions are a top priority for us.  Customer service, availability, and post-sell service are the backbone of our future with you.  Quality is a must!

We are thrilled to start this new year knowing that we have a lot of new assets to offer you, including new sizes, new technologies for our large porcelain panels, and a lot of new initiatives to lead our industry.

We appreciate all of your business.  Thank you for fashioning the world with StonePeak products.