The Plane collection is the daily talk at StonePeak.

A new milestone in the ceramic tile industry in the USA has been set by StonePeak with the introduction of this revolutionary product.  A few years ago, who would have imagined that you can do your own shower with 2 pcs of “tile”?  No grout lines, basically no maintenance, and no aging of the installation because the elimination of the grout lines.


It is amazing seeing how our large porcelain panels are creating more and more excitement on a daily basis between clients that want to remodel their own home, architects and designers able to use this new concept and dimensional porcelain tile in their projects, and industry dealers and distributors that see this as a potential new opportunity of business.  Finally, more and more contractors now understand that this is a new trend in the tile industry and are now accepting to invest their time to get trained in our Factory Advance Training Class (F.A.C.T.).

These porcelain panels are for every surface, including wall, floor, interior, exterior, and countertops.  Our porcelain panels are durable, and do not fear water, stains, chemicals, heat, or sun exposure.

The StonePeak Plane collection is not only about performance.


The research that took place during the creation of the looks of the different colors was done by researching the trends both in the furniture industry as well as in the A&D community.  Looking at the range of color and product offered within the Plane collection you will see options for refreshing lifestyles, as well as the colors and sizes that allow the freedom of creativity to the best designers and architects.  This product can really bring any project a step into the future.

This is StonePeak; this is what you should expect from us!