Rodolfo PanisiMany exciting developments this quarter! Things are progressing well during the beginning of 2013 and we are glad to be part of this success, because your success is our success.

Our annual industry trade show called “Coverings” is just a few weeks away and our team is working hard in delivering you the greatest new products. This year this annual gathering is being held in beautiful Atlanta and a lot of new events are being scheduled.

As always, we are excited to show you our latest new creations. Last year, we introduced in the market the first US made 8″x48″ wood planks and we are glad to report back to you that these products are becoming our top selling items. This year we will introduce a few new incredible products in the 24″x48″ size.

StonePeak’s manufacturing facility is the first US tile factory producing such a size. We feel the market is ready. You are asking us and we are delivering! US made 24″x48″ is a great solution for contemporary design and expensive traditional settings made affordable!

We are waiting for you to see our numerous new products at our booth at Coverings and I ask you to join me in THANKING all of the StonePeak RESEARCH and MARKETING Team that is helping in making ideas become reality!