Rodolfo PanisiPositive, positive,  positive.

Yes, good news is all around us!  With the residential market recovering, business has been fantastic!

At the StonePeak factory we have had a busy year so far, and we are glad to say thank to all of your support as we see a strong summer ahead of us as well!

I would like to take the time to say thank you to all of our Factory employees for their hard work. StonePeak’s production capacity has increased substantially; while new improvements are moving ahead to do even more.

As always here at StonePeak we take pride of our efforts to offer the best quality products to all our clients, and we are constantly working at this level.

A lot of you have toured our factory in the previous year and I am sure you could see the passion of all of its workers.  Teamed with the new technology we have, StonePeak is proud to provide you with one of the best USA made porcelain tiles available today.