StonePeak, your success is our success

The market is growing, companies are investing, and positive signs are walking our industry into this new year.  Year after year StonePeak is becoming the resource for new ideas and lifestyles guiding the trend in the US for manufacturing tiles.

For the last 10 years StonePeak has been able to lead the market setting new milestones year after year:


2004 –StonePeak inauguration – Italian Style made in USA
2005 – First US manufacturing facility capable of producing through body tile with through body veins; first US company to produce unglazed products bigger than 12”x12”
2006 – Introduction of 3rd kiln bringing the factory capacity to 70,000,000 sf per year
2007 – New glazing technology which stabilized the shading of StonePeak’s production process substantially increasing the quality of the production
2008 – Active Technology – the first US manufacturer capable of manufacturing tiles actively improving the surrounding environment
2009 – Green = Saving implemented as a new motto for the Company – product development focusing on the recycling processes and investments made for more environmentally sustainable products
2010 – First US tile manufacturer to start production using Ink jet technology – a game changer in our industry
2011 – First US tile manufacturer to produce 6”x24” wood rectified porcelain planks
2012 – First US tile manufacturer to produce 8”x48” wood rectified porcelain planks, as well as a 24”x48” size
2013 – First US tile manufacturer to introduce in the market 5×10 feet large porcelain panels, ¼ inch thick – the tile revolution


We are working for you and with you every day to tile the world with StonePeak products!