Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: Why it Matters

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: Why it Matters If you were taking the verbal section of the SAT, one of the questions might look similar to this:  A square is to a rectangle, as ___________ is to ceramic tile.  The answer of course would be porcelain tile.  Much like a square has stricter [...]

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A New Perspective for a New Year

Life is all about perspective.  The beautiful thing about one’s perspective is you can never be wrong; whether it be a designer seeing an empty room becoming a masterpiece, an architect seeing the same room become realized, or a child seeing the empty room as a fort to run around and play in.  All completely [...]

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US Tile Goes Global

StonePeak Ceramics: Italian Style Made in the USA.    While we are proud of the fact we are manufacturing some of the finest porcelain ceramics locally in Crossville, TN, it is exciting to see our exports continue to grow. Not just serving the United States, but also Canada, Mexico, Peru, Japan, India, and most recently Turkey, [...]

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PLANE Fabrication Video

Available in four different modular sizes up to an astounding 5’x10’, this new collection is the first panel option of its kind.  It is a panel with features of engineered porcelain, including amazing flexibility and is crack resistant, mold resistant, heat and frost proof, with no artificial binders and no VOC emission. Available in three [...]

By | July 26th, 2012|Installation, Porcelain, Tile Manufacturing|1,033 Comments
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