What is the point of having a state of the art porcelain ceramics manufacturing facility if you can’t show it off?

Architectural Brick and Tile recently took the trip to Tennessee to experience the StonePeak factory tour.  Sitting on over 14 acres, this is hardly your everyday tour.  Not only is the factory equipped with the latest in porcelain tile technology, but we are also extremely environmentally friendly, ensuring the greenest, most efficient methods take place.

How is this done?

From our pre and post-consumer recycling methods to the all natural gas and air firing kilns, they were able to see the intricate recycling process take place that allows StonePeak to reuse almost everything.  By recycling as much as we do, StonePeak is able to not waste unnecessary materials and resources as we have significantly cut back on any disposing of wasteful materials

Because we recycle nearly 100% of raw materials and water waste back into the production cycle, in 2010 alone our recycling efforts allowed us to reuse, and therefore conserve, approximately 4 million gallons of water and 27,500 tons of raw materials!

The tour, led by our very own Noah Chitty and Tom Baker, is designed to put you inside the actual manufacturing process, learning not just where our tiles come from, but actually what makes our tiles technical porcelain.

Read what Architectural Brick & Tile had to say about their experience:

Architectural Brick & Tile

Pamela Cairns and Bob Grabhorn, Hard Surface Design Specialists recently traveled to the StonePeak Porcelain, state of the art production facility in Crossville, Tenn. With their architect guests including Lourenzo Giple of A2SO4 and Nicholas Swinehart, Rod Collier and John Sutter all from Rottmann/Collier Architects, they were given a fascinating tour of one of the most technologically advanced porcelain manufacturing locations in the world.

Their delightful host, Tom Baker, Regional Sales Manager of StonePeak welcomed them with dinner in Nashville and the next day they visited the factory sheltered in the hills of the Smoky Mountains.  Noah Chitty, Director of Technical Services and Quality Assurance gave them an enlightening tour. StonePeak has an impressive philosophy to respect and protect the environment while honoring the Italian approach of porcelain production with a made in the USA technology.

The StonePeak factory and fabrication systems are fully sensitive to the ecosystem and some of their techniques include heat recapture, recycling and water purification.  The factory employs some of the industry’s most cutting edge production procedures driven by software that was developed by StonePeak Technicians.  Based on Bob Grabhorn’s trusty pedometer, the group walked over 1 mile in over 628,000 square feet.

The production of the sustainable, green and environmentally friendly porcelain begins with clays, feldspar and quartzes.  Only the best raw materials are selected from the world’s finest quarries.  There are many phases in the production cycle including grinding, coloration, and glazing which are all controlled with their software.  The sorting process is the end of fabrication and combines the most sophisticated electronic instruments with expert human touch that ensures quality control for their fabulous tile.

For StonePeak, the ideal balance of a hard working team and commitment to creating a quality environmentally safe product is their key to success.  Visit our showroom to see the superb StonePeak Porcelain that is designed to last a lifetime.

If you would like to check out our tile in person, visit Architectural Brick & Tile in Fishers, IN.  If you’re not close enough to visit their showroom, find the one closest to you here.

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