Moonsky | SkyLife is all about perspective.  The beautiful thing about one’s perspective is you can never be wrong; whether it be a designer seeing an empty room becoming a masterpiece, an architect seeing the same room become realized, or a child seeing the empty room as a fort to run around and play in.  All completely different, yet all completely right.

Looking at things from other people’s perspective cannot only inform you of a different way to see things, but can also alter your own perception as well.  The article below was a breath of fresh air reading about StonePeak’s tile from an artistic point of view.

In a recent article written by, they ask the question, “Which kind of StonePeak tile are you?”  If you are interested in our trendier options, such as our Parkland Collection, Sky Collection, or Cottage Collection read on and tell us what you think of their examples.

If you’ve ever renovated a home you know how challenging it is to find floor coverings that fit in with your Eames Eiffel chairs and Eli Walker paintings. And if you’re looking for something that’s made in the USA, great quality and environmentally friendly, it’s an even greater challenge. That’s where StonePeak Ceramics comes in, they offer Italian quality tiles made in the USA using advanced technology to reduce waste and even carry a Greenguard certification.

StonePeak employs a wide range of green manufacturing using pre and post-consumer recycling methods, all natural gas and air firing kilns and helping buildings become LEED certified. StonePeak has developed a new process that takes ‘green’ manufacturing to a new level. Their process includes using both post consumer recycled glass and the scrap fired waste coming from their manufacturing process. The green advantages of this process will be that fewer virgin raw materials will have to be mined from the ground for the products’ mixtures, also avoiding in this way the emissions that would be created from the mining and transportation of this material.

When it comes to high design, StonePeak tiles have plenty of sleek options to choose from. Which kind of StonePeak tile are you? Are you more of an Eli Walker or a Richard Nicholson? We’ve come up with a handy guide to help you choose from StonePeak’s selection of gorgeous tiles.

If you love the photography of Richard Nicholson, the Parkland collection is perfect for you. StonePeak Ceramics’ Parkland series combines a modern, refined making it a perfect choice for clean-line décor. Parkland is a thru-color porcelain line delivered in a wide choice of sizes and colors.

If you’re a fan of Eli Walker’s abstract landscapes, the Sky collection is for you. StonePeak’s SKY collection consists of four shades of grey, which very subtly differentiate one from the other like the diverse hues of a metropolitan sky. Perfect for projects with an urban feel, Sky is complemented by a 3D mosaic, which has become a must in contemporary projects.

If you like abstracted reality and the photography of Ben Sandler the Cottage collection is right for you. It’s a wood texture tile that comes in a variety of wood colored finishes which offer the look and feel of wood with the durability and strength of porcelain tile.

Read the article in its entirety here to see some great visuals to go along with their great writing!