StonePeak Shows off at ICFF

StonePeak stole the show as we showcased the different ways of how unique our tile can be. Shortly after its introduction, we gladly installed City 2.0.  Going with the darker toned Asphalt, we used the 8×48 and 12×48 on the floor creating a lovely pattern. Moving to the more advanced, our background was constructed of […]

ICFF 2014

Plane U Install

Plane University

Twice a month StonePeak has the honor of having our valued clients fly in and attend Plane University.  This trip we stuck to the southwest, inviting clients from Reno, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Hawaii.  With 16 people in total being certified, there is bound to be some unique jobs coming up.  […]

Limestone Walnut

What you need to know about the Effects of Inkjet Technology on Ceramic Tiles

During the last decade the tile industry has reinvented the way ceramic tiles are decorated.  With the advent of inkjet technology being incorporated into this process there is no longer a need for screen or roller printing methods, freeing the industry up to many different opportunities.  As with screen and roller printing, the image of […]