The Best of Best Tile

  StonePeak has had the amazing opportunity to partner with some of our clients for live installations held in their very own showroom featuring Plane – The Next Generation of Panels.  We have representatives from our company come out and train their crews in handling and installing Plane, while doing a live installation for their clients […]

New Showroom Best

Cesare Magnus: Light Splendor

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Tile Looking New

  Envision watching your brand new porcelain tiles getting installed.  Watching them put the finishing touch on the installation, and seeing for the first time your brand new floor in all of its glory.  New, pristine, and virtually untouched.  Then picture someone coming in out of the rain and tracking mud and grime all over your new […]

Plane University

  One of the most common traits of mankind is to fear what is new.  If you’ve been doing something for so long, why do anything different? This has been a belief towards Plane, as being the first available tile in its size; people don’t know how to handle it.  Our new innovative 5′ x 10′ […]

Plane University