Plane Collection


Plane: The next generation of panels.
Available in five different modular sizes up to an astounding 5′ X 10′, this collection is the first panel option of its kind. With features of engineered porcelain, including amazing flexibility, and is crack resistant, mold resistant, heat and frost proof, with no artificial binders and no VOC emissions.
Available in twenty-two beautiful colors, Plane is ideal for interiors, exteriors, countertops, veneers, and much more.


Calacatta Vena A B


plane calacatta vena a b 01 Plane


Calacatta Vena Classico


plane calacatta vena classico 02 Plane


Extra Vena A B


plane extra vena a b 01 Plane


Extra Vena


plane extra vena 01 Plane


Paonazzetto Vena


plane paonazzetto vena 01 Plane


Marfil Vena


plane marfil vena 01 Plane


Travertino Vena


plane travertino vena 01 Plane


Fantasy Bright


plane fantasy bright 01 Plane


Fantasy Gold


plane fantasy gold 01 Plane


Fantasy Cloud


plane fantasy cloud 01 Plane


White Plane


plane white plane 01 Plane


Silver Plane


plane silver plane 01 Plane


Copper Plane


plane copper plane 01 Plane


Black Plane


plane black plane 02 Plane


True White


plane true white 01 Plane


True Black


plane true black 01 Plane


Arabescato Vena A B


plane arabescato vena a b 01 Plane


Crystal Vena


plane crystal vena 01 Plane


White SandĀ 


plane white sand plane 01 Plane


Golden GlamourĀ 


plane golden glamour plane 01 Plane


Dark Vena


plane dark vena 01 Plane


Napoleon Vena


plane napoleon vena 01 Plane