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What you need to know about the Effects of Inkjet Technology on Ceramic Tiles 15

During the last decade the tile industry has reinvented the way ceramic tiles are decorated.  With the advent of inkjet technology being incorporated into this process there is no longer a need for screen or roller printing methods, freeing the industry up to many different opportunities.  As with screen and roller printing, the image of […]

Limestone: Ebony

Green Idea House

Project: Green Idea House Part 2

StonePeak is excited to be a part of a new case study showcasing the latest and greatest eco-friendly construction material designed for sustainability and energy efficiency.  The Green Idea House is a 2,100 square foot home that is being remodeled to give it a modern look that says it is possible to be both environmentally […]

Henry Tile Displays StonePeak in their Showroom

Henry Tile in Memphis, Tennessee elevated the look of their showroom by not just revamping it with the latest StonePeak materials, but actually installing the tile to show off just how stunning it can be. Henry Tile went above and beyond by installing multiple tile from three different collections: From the Raja Collection they installed: Kund Multicolor Himachal […]

StonePeak Installation

Hilton Suites

Project Spotlight: Hilton Suites

The next time you check-in to this Memphis, TN Hilton Garden Suites, feel free to check out the new tile renovation they recently installed.  StonePeak’s  Limestone collection is an ideal fit for high traffic areas as its through-body color allows the engineered stone to stay consistent in its looks as the same color permeates through the entire stone. By […]