CEO Talk: StonePeak 2015 New Collections

    April was a great month for StonePeak.   We had tremendous success with our new introductions at Coverings 2015, which is the industry's largest annual trade show.  Held in Orlando, StonePeak received great recognition with our booth presentation, competing with hundreds of other exhibitors taking part in the show.  Our booth was awarded [...]

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CEO Talk: Factory Expansion

    StonePeak is getting ready for a busy summer!   If you are traveling on the 40 East Highway from Nashville to Knoxville you will not miss the large expansion StonePeak is under.   We are getting ready to establish a new milestone in the history of porcelain tile manufacturing in the US.  Our [...]

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CEO Talk: F.A.C.T. Factory Advanced Certified Training

Here at StonePeak, we'd like to think that the future is large. Yes, large as our Plane collection. The Plane collection is made with sizes up to 120x60 inches representing the future of the coverings industry. We like to say, “If you can choose, why use a small size tile when you can get a [...]

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CEO Talk: Let 2015 Begin!

  2015, here we are!   What a start!  StonePeak is under major upgrades of its production equipment and facility, so you can be sure we will be delivering more incredible new products very soon.   Innovation and quality are solid columns of our corporation, and as much as you are giving us, we want [...]

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