Coverings Booth

Coverings 2012


Coverings trade show boothAs I write this article Coverings looms minutes away.  Walking through the freshly carpeted aisleways it is amazing what can be accomplished over a few days.  The sounds of construction turned into whispers of awe.  Empty spaces turned into beautiful booths.  And the conception of hard work finally realized.

Located in booth #3217, StonePeak is proud to show off our booth to the world.  Featuring installations from our new collections: Crate, Fossil, Land, and PLANE, showing off our tile never felt better!


The Booth

The main attraction is our new collection, Plane.  Hoping to revolutionize the industry, these new tiles are available, at their largest, in 10 feet x 5 feet panels.  This new technology, exclusive to our group, allows us and our clients to enter into the world of partitions, counter tops, stain resistant and anti-graffiti wall surfaces.  Now tile can can match the size of quarried stone, yet maintain the benefits of porcelain tile.

StonePeak Catalogs

The booth layout is compiled of a complete library of concept boards.  Duel sided and complete with individual lighting, it is easy to take in all available collections in just minutes.

Sticking with the library concept, the center of our booth contains a conference room, containing our new product catalogs, reference catalogs, and all of our architectural kits.

If you need a break from taking in everything, there are two benches available to sit on, each covered in one of our new collections.  With the floor covered in our new wood look, it is easy and convenient to see a practical installation of all four of our new products.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to the construction team who assembled the booth, as well as everyone who assisted in getting our materials here and making it work.  It was a tough process, but it turned out great!


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The Collections

If you can’t make it to our show, stay tuned for more updates.  If you can make it but you can’t wait to see them, check out our collections right now!


Crate: Charred Bark

Fossil:  Amber Blaster
Fossil: Amber Blaster


Land:  Infinite Brown

Plane:  White Plane